Animatronics are the foundation on which LifeFormations has been built over the past 25+ years. They allow us to come face to face with our favorite characters, historical figures and wildest imaginations in a way other media simply can’t match. From simple diorama storytellers to highly engineered theme park stars, our team is able to dial in the appearance and underlying technology to best balance the design and budgetary needs.


The designing of spaces to incorporate specific themes - whether immersive or subtle – continues to expand into just about every public space. We work with retail venues, medical facilities, libraries, schools, and municipal parks to create something unique to elevate the visitor experience so that they engage with a space in a more memorable and enjoyable way.

Specialty Scenic & Reproductions

Whether creating a highly detailed scenic element or setting, a detailed artifact reproduction or a large outdoor installation, our multidisciplinary team brings the best methods and materials to each project. We have the capability to seamlessly join a project during the feasibility, detail design or fabrication phases to help create powerful experiences that bring visitors into a story or place.

Design & Pre-Visualization

There are times when we like to collaborate with other designers and fabricators to help develop a concept or design that may or may not end up with our own fabrication team to build. Sometimes this is because a designer or project owner needs to better understand the style or budget during the concept phase. Other times, our design team can bring an expertise to a design that may be outside of our in-house fabrication specializations or capacity. Regardless, we’re always happy to contribute design and pre-visualization efforts to help create something new.