Whether creating a highly detailed scenic element or setting, a detailed artifact reproduction or a large outdoor installation, our multidisciplinary team brings the best methods and materials to each project. We have the capability to seamlessly join a project during the feasibility, detail design or fabrication phases to help create powerful experiences that bring visitors into a story or place.


Detailed Services

Immersive Theming

Sometimes, the most effective way to tell a story is to place the audience in the same setting as the characters. Walking around in a scene from the past, future or even from somewhere else can help open up perspectives and understanding as to how things were or how they can be different than our everyday experiences. Whether historically accurate recreations of a location or creatively designed spaces of a possible future or fantasy-inspired reality, we use the same attention to detail to make it believable to the audience experiencing it with our immersive theming capability.

Accurate Reproductions

When an artifact is so valuable, fragile or rare that it’s not feasible to share it with an audience as fully as desired, we step in to create an accurate reproduction that conveys the appearance (and often, the emotions) of the real piece.