There are times when we like to collaborate with other designers and fabricators to help develop a concept or design that may or may not end up with our own fabrication team to build. Sometimes this is because a designer or project owner needs to better understand the style or budget during the concept phase. Other times, our design team can bring an expertise to a design that may be outside of our in-house fabrication specializations or capacity. Regardless, we’re always happy to contribute design and pre-visualization efforts to help create something new.


Detailed Services

Digital Sculpting & Performance Animatics

Our team of digital sculptors and modelers can start from scratch to create something from nothing or can start with an existing model or drawing. We work with art directors, product managers, engineers and manufacturers throughout the development process to provide the expertise and opinions needed to reach a production ready package.


At LifeFormations, our engineering team specializes in organic mechanical shapes as well as electric and pneumatic robotic applications. We’re also known to dabble in large architectural elements, small toys and anything in between that piques our interest.

Models and Prototypes

While we utilize many software packages across several disciplines to develop a design in the digital domain, there always comes a time when we need to see it in the real world. That’s why we have the ability to 3D print, sculpt, mill, cut, shape and assemble any type of material to achieve a finished model or exploratory prototype in order to move the design process along and get buy-in from stakeholders.