Animatronics are the foundation on which LifeFormations has been built over the past 25+ years.

They allow us to come face to face with our favorite characters, historical figures and wildest imaginations in a way other media simply can’t match. From simple diorama storytellers to highly engineered theme park stars, our team is able to dial in the appearance and underlying technology to best balance the design and budgetary needs.


Detailed Services

IP Based Figures

The process of bringing beloved movie and television characters to life in the real world is one of interpretation and negotiation. What lives on the screen is a partnership between the artists presenting the characters and audience contextualizing them within the story, and ultimately across their own lives and memories. When we bring them into the real world, our job is to translate them into a new form that captures all that they were on the screen, plus as much of the audience’s collective memory as possible, while negotiating the limits a real work existence imposes.

Realistic Figures

Realistic animatronic figures often require the most nuanced details in their sculpts, movement and finishing because the audience expects them to be as real as the real people and animals they see every day. We design each figure so that every detail is purposeful in its contribute to the story or its contribution to the audience members’ suspensions of disbelief.

Spokes Products & Brand Mascots

There are times the best way to tell a product’s story is to let them speak for themselves. A staple among LifeFormations’ animatronic figures has been the Spokes Product – an anthropomorphized version of products had a story to tell and an audience to hear it. These figures are usually designed for trade shows or retail show rooms, but they can be found just about anywhere else they can attract an audience and share their story.