Jekyll & Hyde Club

A New York staple with multiple locations around Manhattan. The Jekyll & Hyde Club is a “haunted” restaurant, bar, and adventurer’s social club based on the world created by Robert Louis Stevenson. Competing for audiences’ attention in the center of a tourist mecca, Jekyll & Hyde teamed up with LifeFormations to create one of the most immersive and sophisticated themed restaurant in the world.

Inspired by classic suspense and horror genre novels from the past 300 years, LifeFormations created a dining room filled with scientific, supernatural, and mythical creatures from around
 the globe. The Elephant Man, a mermaid, Frankenstein, and many other characters inhabit themed environments throughout the restaurant — all telling their stories within a carefully choreographed presentation that includes pre-programmed and puppeted animatronics, theatrical lighting, 24 channels of audio, live actors, and special effects.

Central to the guest experience is a custom-designed, multi- layered master control system that allows seamless live operation for any combination of 12 zones by a remote actor, without affecting the other zones or master control schedule. Once the actor has control, he or she can see and hear guests through an AV feedback system and control the characters and effects in the space. The custom control panel includes a touchscreen with subroutines, joystick, and button panel for individual movement cues for the animatronics and software assists. This system creates the perfect illusion that the figures are coming alive and interacting with guests. We designed the master control system to allow easy adjustment of show types and frequency—all based on management observation of guests.

To attract guests to the Jekyll & Hyde location in the theater district, LifeFormations designed and built a 20 foot tall animated skeleton head and hand tipping a top hat to visitors in Times Square.