Who We Are

LifeFormations is a leading design and fabrication company specializing in animatronics and sculptural scenic elements for use in attractions, exhibits and placemaking installations. Our mission is to design, build and delight audiences around the world.

How We Work


The LifeFormations design team pulls in the appropriate disciplines and experience to transform the idea into a design that’s ready to build. We incorporate several forms of digital and actual pre-visualizations–including simulations, mock-ups and samples–to make sure all stakeholders are on the same page as we move toward production.

  • Concept Image


    At the heart of every project we create is the lightbulb that comes with a new idea, the spark of inspiration and the experience of the past being applied to a new audience experience. Sometimes a concept is handed to us, and sometimes we start with a blank sheet of paper. In both cases, we work with our clients and partners on behalf of our future audiences to bring the best idea forward within the parameters of the space, time and budget (as well as a consideration for the realities of physics, of course).

  • Modeling

    Modeling is the first step we take to bring an idea to its real-world form. It may happen digitally, in the physical world, or by a combination of the two. Our goal is to capture the appearance of what will be created–including performance animations–and to provide the right parameters to guide the engineers’ designs.

  • Engineer

    Our engineering team develops the structural, mechanical and electrical design needed to meet the appearance and performance goals established in the Concept and Modeling phases. When the realities of real-world physics interfere with the dreams of the designers, the overall design team works through the challenges to find the best compromise to assure a safe and reliable show that will meet the performance intent.


With the designs ready to inform the build, the various LifeFormations disciplines begin the work of making the pieces and parts that will come together to create the project.

  • Surfaces

    Starting with the models created during the design phase, we sculpt, print, mold, cast, cut and shape a wide variety of materials to develop the surfaces of the elements we create.

  • Structures

    From 4-inch toys to 65-foot trees, our team builds the structures that hold up the elements we create. We work to integrate facility requirements, shipping requirements, utility interfaces, inspection protocols, maintenance procedures and assembly techniques–all in a way that doesn’t impact the final appearance.

  • Mechanical & Electrical

    Our mechanical and electrical teams integrate the movement, control and media component to any of our projects that utilize those features as part of a project.


Pulling it all together at the final location with the other project partners.

  • Finish & Program

    The finishing and programming phase of our process brings everything together in such a way that the audience doesn’t notice any of the pieces and parts–they just see the totally believable appearance and performance they accept as being exactly what it should be.

  • Commission

    We bring our creation to the site, set it up, and make sure it works the way it was designed to. Sometimes this involves integrating it into larger systems and sometimes it just involves plugging it in to make sure it wasn’t damaged in shipping. In any case, we’re there to make sure it’s ready to go.

  • Audience!

    In the end, it’s all about delighting our audience. We watch them interact with the show, element or space we’ve created and adjust any details that will further elevate their experience. And then we take everything we’ve learned and apply it to the next project.

Where You’ll Find Our Work

Where You’ll Find Us

Cincinnati Studio - Headquarters

Founded: 2010

7516 Camargo Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45243

Bowling Green, Ohio - Founding Studio

Founded: 1991

2029 Woodbridge Blvd.
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402