Specialty Exhibits

A well developed exhibit helps each visitor learn from a new perspective and compels them to affect change in themselves and the world around them. Reaching an increasingly diverse and dynamic audience requires an equally diverse and dynamic kit of tools and techniques. Our multidisciplinary team has the ability to combine disparate materials, multiple types of media, and varied methods of audience interaction to realize the most ambitious exhibit designs.

Specialty Attractions

Attraction audiences continue to elevate their expectations for storytelling that blends immersive environments with strong show technologies and audience participation to deliver an experience they cannot get elsewhere. Our team seamlessly connects highly refined artistic talent with broad material capabilities and 25 years of show technology engineering experience to create animatronic based shows, interactive experiences and iconic features that successfully deliver powerful audience experiences.

Scenic & Architectural Elements

The designing of spaces to incorporate specific themes - whether immersive or simply including a few featured elements – continues to expand into just about any public space. Retail venues, medical facilities, libraries, schools, and municipal parks have all turned to themed elements to help provide additional connections to visitors and customers.

Animatronic Figures

Animatronics are the foundation on which LifeFormations has been built over the past 25+ years. As a communication tool, they are simply a form of dimensional media - designed to incorporate the most appropriate appearances and personalities possible for the stories they tell. And when they are at their best, they allow us to come face to face with our favorite characters, historical figures and wildest imaginations in a way other media simply can’t match.

Diorama Figures

We fully understand the awesome responsibilities surrounding the recreating of historical people, whether a specific individual or a representative of a larger group of people. Over the years, our team has worked with hundreds of historians, family members, and even the people being recreated to navigate the design and fabrication process to assure the final figure is presented with dignity and authenticity.


Competition, choose your own adventure, question & answer, problem solving, building – all provide the audience with some authorship to enrich the experience and create a more lasting impression. Our team has worked with just about every type of interactivity technology technique there is, working with the content and user interface to make sure it is fully accessible and meets the intended outcomes for the experience.

IP Character Design & Development

As popular culture creates and rediscovers favorite characters, LifeFormations has been there to help develop and translate them into different forms across attractions, exhibits, and toys. Few companies in the world have worked with as many different IP owners across as many forms and styles as LifeFormations.

Signage & Facades

Lately, signage and wayfinding elements have become mini branded shows in their own right. Sculpted details, theatrical lighting, mechanical elements and engineering feats can all be integrated into a package that is either freestanding or mounted onto the front of a structure. From Time’s Square to nature walks to collections spaces, we’re able to incorporate the right materials and message to best reach the audience.

Media & Show Tech

Media development and show technologies are integral to most of our projects in one way or another. We have an in-house editing suite and programming workshop as well as a full hardware integration workshop so we can directly produce the media content and integrate it directly to the show playback systems.

Models & Artifact Reproductions

Models and artifact reproductions can be the first step in bringing ideas and theories into the real world, or they can be a way to enable people to touch or experience something they may not otherwise be able to. Sometimes we create them exactly as they have or will exist, and sometimes we create items at scales to allow a view and exploration otherwise not feasible.

Technical Design & Engineering

Pre-visualization is an essential tool to get excitations aligned across project teams that may include facility owners, IP owners, engineers, art director, GCs and a variety of other stakeholders. Agreement on direction is imperative before investment is made in the production of any elements. In addition to the sculpting and show tech design services discussed elsewhere, our team also fully explores technical designs, engineering, facility integration, hazard analysis, and scope gap analysis to make sure there are no surprises as the project moves through production, installation and commissioning.

Installation and Commissioning

As much as we love creating projects, and having them in our shop – at some point, we must pack them up and share them with visitors at attractions and exhibits around the world. Our team provides on-site supervision and installation and commissioning services for the projects on which we work. We assure that all facility and system integrations are completed and tested to meet design intent. And we offer service to keep our products up and running year after year.