Animatronics are the foundation on which LifeFormations has been built over the past 25+ years. They allow us to come face to face with our favorite characters, historical figures and wildest imaginations in a way other media simply can’t match. From simple diorama storytellers to highly engineered theme park stars, our team is able to dial in the appearance and underlying technology to best balance the design and budgetary needs.


Attraction audiences continue to elevate their expectations for storytelling that blends immersive environments with strong show technologies and audience participation to deliver an experience they cannot get elsewhere. Our team seamlessly integrates highly refined artistic talent with broad material capabilities and show technologies to create animatronic based shows, interactive elements and iconic features that successfully deliver powerful audience experiences.


The designing of spaces to incorporate specific themes - whether immersive or subtle – continues to expand into just about every public space. We work with retail venues, medical facilities, libraries, schools, and municipal parks to create something unique to elevate the visitor experience so that they engage with a space in a more memorable and enjoyable way.


A well developed exhibit helps each visitor learn from a new perspective and compels them to affect change in themselves and the world around them. Reaching an increasingly diverse and dynamic audience requires an equally diverse and dynamic kit of tools and techniques. Our multidisciplinary team has the ability to combine disparate materials, multiple types of media, and varied methods of audience interaction to realize the most ambitious exhibit designs.