Pre-visualization is an essential tool to get excitations aligned across project teams that may include facility owners, IP owners, engineers, art director, GCs and a variety of other stakeholders.

Agreement on direction is imperative before investment is made in the production of any elements. In addition to the sculpting and show tech design services discussed elsewhere, our team also fully explores technical designs, engineering, facility integration, hazard analysis, and scope gap analysis to make sure there are no surprises as the project moves through production, installation and commissioning.


Detailed Services

Mechanical Design & Engineering

Mechanical Design is the liaison between sculpting and engineering. It is often the case that the armatures inside mechanical elements are as beautiful as the outer surfaces they are moving. With an established sculpt or appearance of an element, the mechanical designer designs the structure and moving pieces in a way so as to maintain the desired appearance while meeting the engineer's requirements for safe and reliable performance.

Design Detailing

Design detailing is the translation of all design details and requirements into a buildable document that can be handed to the production team. All materials, assembly methods and finishing techniques are distilled down into pages upon pages of drawings and descriptions that remove any ambiguity and facilitate full quality assurance inspections throughout the process.