A well developed exhibit helps each visitor learn from a new perspective and compels them to affect change in themselves and the world around them.

Reaching an increasingly diverse and dynamic audience requires an equally diverse and dynamic kit of tools and techniques. Our multidisciplinary team has the ability to combine disparate materials, multiple types of media, and varied methods of audience interaction to realize the most ambitious exhibit designs.


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Detailed Services

Immersive Theming

Sometimes the most effective way to tell a story is to place the audience in the same setting as the characters. Walking around in a scene from the past, or the future, or even just from somewhere else can help open up perspectives and understanding as to how things were or can be different than our every day experiences. Whether historically accurate recreations of historical places or creatively designed spaces of a possible future or fantasy inspired reality, the same attention to detail is used to make it believable to the audience.

Mixed Materials Exhibits

Creating a new aesthetic style for an exhibit often requires combining and finishing materials in new ways. Our team spans woodworking, plastics, metalworking, textiles, sculpture, painting, and a variety of other disciplines to enable us to seamlessly mix and match materials and techniques to meet the design intent.

Animatronic & 4D Theater

Immersing an audience in a storytelling experience that combines a strong script with the surrounding environment, animatronics figures of any shape or size, visual media, multi-channel sound, theatrical lighting, special effects and audience participation can create a powerful personal experience. Working with content experts and stakeholders, LifeFormations develops the theater experience to best deliver the intended message in the best form and with the most effective blend of emotions.