Attraction audiences continue to elevate their expectations for storytelling that blends immersive environments with strong show technologies and audience participation to deliver an experience they cannot get elsewhere.

Our team seamlessly integrates highly refined artistic talent with broad material capabilities and show technologies to create animatronic based shows, interactive elements and iconic features that successfully deliver powerful audience experiences.


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Detailed Services

Animatronic and 4D Shows

4D theaters are a unique storytelling venue that location based experiences can offer their guests. When properly utilized, animatronics, scenic elements, video, animation, audio, lighting, special effects, audience participation and a variety of other themed and show tech elements all build upon each other to stimulate senses and emotions in a way other experiences simply cannot. Our animatronic and 4D shows incorporate the best features for the story - installing in spaces as small as portable trailers and as large as theaters seating hundreds of guests.

Interactive Flume Ride & Fountains

Introducing interactive water elements and water effects to rides can add layers of skill, competition, aesthetic beauty and just down right soaking wet fun. LifeFormations builds interactive attraction elements and overlays for fountains and flume rides that include targets, fountains, animatronics, show action, lighting, sound, special effects and theming to take interactivity and water effects to the next level.

Puppeted & Remote Operated Shows

There are many occasions when the show needs to respond live to it surroundings, but the show elements need to look like something other than human actors. In these situations, we create scenes, characters, media and effects that can be operated or puppeted live in response to the audience using a combination of cameras, microphones, sensors, live controls and menus of pre-programmed sequences or "looks."

Walk-Throughs & Climbers

Walk-through attractions and climbers provide spaces for visitors to explore in their own way, and often at their own pace. These experiences may incorporate interactivity, scavenger hunts, competitive shallenges, or just good old-fashioned exporation of a cool space while you meet new friends.