Lately, signage and wayfinding elements have become mini branded shows in their own right.

Sculpted details, theatrical lighting, mechanical elements and engineering feats can all integrated into a package that is either freestanding or mounted onto the front of a structure. From Time’s Square to nature walks to collections spaces, we’re able to incorporate the right materials and message to best reach the audience.


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Detailed Services

Exhibit Entrances

Exhibit entrances convey information, establish exhibit area boundaries and frame the content beyond by incorporating specific design styles.

Wayfinding & Informative

Cognitive strategy + content + design. Wayfinding and informative signage can be as simple as an arrow and sophisticated as an interactive map.

Facility Identifiers and Facades

From conservative and subtle to outlandish enough to compete with the other facades on Times Square, we have created signage that identifies a location and hints at the experience inside