The designing of spaces to incorporate specific themes – whether immersive or simply including a few featured elements – continues to expand into just about any public space.

Retail venues, medical facilities, libraries, schools, and municipal parks have all turned to themed elements to help provide additional connections to visitors and customers.


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Lobbies & Gathering Places

The lobbies and similar gathering places provide excellent spaces to frame visitor experiences as they move into a venue, or provide a respite from the other activities they may experience inside. They can be immersive in their design, or they may simply be highlights that accent the rest of the space.

Retail Areas

Adding themed elements to a retail space can help reinforce brands and make the shopping experience more enjoyable and informative. Scenic elements, wayfinding icons and signage, demonstration models and entertainment spaces can work together to offer different experiences for different types of shoppers and those in their group.


LifeFormations creates a variety of specialty scenic and architectural elements for attractions. From iconic center pieces to stage show scenic elements to dark ride sets - each project we create blends structure, shapes, layers, textures, and finishes to present the proper theme and impact to the visitor experience.


Scenic and architectural elements can help immerse a visitor in another time or place - real or imagined. Whether it's walking around a recreated structure from an ancient time, or controlling a space ship from the future, these scenic elements can enhance and facilitate the goals of exhibits.