Models and artifact reproductions can be the first step in bringing ideas and theories into the real world, or they can be a way to enable people to touch or experience something they may not otherwise be able to.

Sometimes we create them exactly as they have or will exist, and sometimes we create items at scales to allow a view and exploration otherwise not feasible.


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Artifact Reproductions

We recreate artifacts when they are lost, fragile or rare. The recreations can be exact reproductions using the original materials and techniques, or they can be fabricated using more durable materials and finishes so that the audience can interact with them without fear of damaging them.

Scale Models

We create scale models of individual items, such as an artifact or prototype, or entire areas, such as an attraction or ancient temple grounds. These models help the viewer contextualize the entire subject while moving around it, at their own pace and from their preferred vantage point.