As popular culture creates and rediscovers favorite characters, LifeFormations has been there to help develop and translate them into different forms across attractions, exhibits, and toys.

Few companies in the world have worked with as many different IP owners across as many forms and styles as LifeFormations.


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Detailed Services


Our character design team can start from scratch, a napkin sketch or previously created artwork as we develop new characters or bring existing characters into a new medium or style. Working with the IP owners and designated art directors, we extensively explore the sculpt and surface finishing as well as all other details related to the intended uses for the figure (e.g. toy, animatronic, screen animation, etc.).

Translation Into New Forms & Styles

A current trend in IP based characters is to translate them into a style shared with other IP of different origins. This may be for a specific toy line with unified style direction, or it may be for an attraction such as a carrousel where the figures all need to take the form of a rideable shape. This involves deconstructing what each character to define its core elements, and then reconstructing those elements in a new style. Our team works with the IP owners or art directors to explore different directions until the final form meets the balance of legacy appearance and new style.


Once designed for the final form in the figure will take (toy, statue, animatronic), the next step is often a prototype to validate that all pieces and parts work together as intended. These may be small scale models for what will ultimately become larger elements, or, as is often the case with toys, these may be full scale models with final finishes exactly as they will be in full production runs.