Competition, choose your own adventure, question & answer, problem solving, building – all provide the audience with some authorship to enrich the experience and create a more lasting impression.

Our team has worked with just about every type of interactivity technology technique there is, working with the content and user interface to make sure it is fully accessible and meets the intended outcomes for the experience.


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Interactive Shows

Pulling together several interaction and show technologies allows us to create autonomous interactive shows for guests.  We've created several game shows, shows that allow guests to choose their own story or ending, and shows that empower guests to add their own elements and effects to the story.  In some cases these are animatronic based shows other times they are media based.  In all cases, the audience is immersed in an energetic and enjoyable show in which they have some authorship in the experience.

Screen Based

Screen based interactive experiences can really open up the degree of interactivity and media support in situations where multiple levels of content need to be accessed, or where the options for interactivity need to change based on different conditions that can occur.

Mechanically Activated

Sometimes interacting with dimensional elements in the real world can help visitors better gain an understanding of a process or event. Mechanically activated interactives take tactile input from a vistor and return a result. Input may be as simple as pushing a button or diverting water through obstacles; or it may be as sophisticated as requiring a collection of components to be assembled correctly to function as a system.

Target Systems

Point and click/wave/pull/flash to activate a target and effect. We integrate target and show control technologies into a variety of visitor experiences and environment, wet or dry, directional or proximity, standalone or integrated across larger areas.