We fully understand the awesome responsibilities surrounding the recreating of historical people, whether a specific individual or a representative of a larger group of people.

Over the years, our team has worked with hundreds of historians, family members, and even the people being recreated to navigate the design and fabrication process to assure the final figure is presented with dignity and authenticity.


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Capturing a historical figure and placing them within a setting is often an emotionally and sometimes academically charged process that requires a confident and understanding interpretation of the stakeholder’s intent. We spend quite a bit of time building the backstory of the scene before a single sculpting tool is raised or costume considered. The result of this rigorous approach is a collection of figures in leading museums that reach audiences on both a factual and an emotional level.

Monochromatic & Stylized

Sometimes the best way to reach an audience is to leave some of the details to their imagination. Figures with a monochrome or stylized finish evoke stories and emotion, while allowing the audience to fill in some of the details in their own way so as to make it more personal.


Most of the world is outside, so it’s only fitting that we create figures built to be outside. Making them resistant to weather, the sun, and overly attentive guests does require some trade-offs in the materials and details we can incorporate, but the upside of having them in environments or near elements that they could not otherwise be often makes it a worthy effort.


Animals integral to many of the human stories we tell, so they make regular appearances in our projects. Moving between fur, feathers, hair, skin, scales, shells and all of the other surfaces animal have requires a broad set of techniques. Fortunately, we’ve had practice with just about all of them as we’ve created animals for historical dioramas, zoos, science centers and even veterinary models.