Guam International Airport

LifeFormations created culturally significant architectural features for the airport. A Chamorro Bamboo & Thatch Roof Hut with a traditional Latte Stone Foundation was produced with themed bamboo structural supports and synthetic thatch roofing. The Latte Stone foundation supports were sculpted, molded and cast in fiberglass with steel interior structure, and hand finished to replicate the actual latte stones found in Guam.

Two architectural and scenic elements were produced for the airport; Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lovers Point), a local feature, north of Tumon Bay, Guam, USA. This site was designated a Registered Natural Landmark in 1972 by the US National Park Service. The reduced size replica included the limestone cliffs and a model of the building at the top of this landmark.

Another element LifeFormations produced is a realistic replica of one of the best examples of Chamorro cave art can be found in Guam at what is known as Gadao’s Cave.

In the center of the retail space, LifeFormations created a startlingly lifelike replica of a full-size Carabao (Water Buffalo), pulling a re-created wooden cart. This feature is a visitor favorite and is a popular photo-op for many travelers.