Great Wolf Lodge

At Great Wolf Lodge Resorts, the lobby show is a central element to the visitor experience, where families can come together for stories and sing along with the characters.

When it was time to create a new lobby show for the next generation of lodges, Great Wolf Lodge turned to The Weber Group and LifeFormations to expand beyond their traditional animatronic show and create something that immersed the audience into the experience. Working with The Weber Group, LifeFormations wrote a new show, produced the media, created new animatronics and special effects, and build the master show control systems.

We strategically placed screens with 3-D animated characters 
in the background and animatronic characters in the foreground. This gave us the best of both worlds… wild movement for the screen figures (a hopping bunny rabbit and a flying bird), and tactile real world presence for the animatronic figures. We color and scale matched all of the characters so audiences feel as if they all live in the same world.

LifeFormations also designed a series of effects that blend lighting, 4D effects such as water and bubbles, and video effects to bring a bit of magic to the storytelling experience. This help technique helps us involve the very young guests that may not otherwise follow the story between the songs.

A magical experience for all ages, the new “Forest Friends” show helps guests kick off their day in a fun, imaginative way, and it brings to close a day of memories and special family moments from their Great Wolf Lodge experience.