Federal Hall, Lower Manhattan

LifeFormations created an interactive, educational exhibit for visitors of the historic Federal Hall building for the National Park Service. Built
in the 1800s, Federal Hall National Memorial was built on the site of the original Federal Hall, a place where many important historical moments took place, including George Washington’s inauguration and the introduction of the Bill of Rights to Congress.

Federal Hall is one of the last remaining examples of Classical Architecture in New York, and maintaining its iconic classical aesthetic was important to the National Park Service. We worked strategically to integrate the contemporary exhibit into this historical setting by using a mixed material palette of industrial steel I beams, glass, wood, and interpretative graphics. These materials give the exhibit a modern look that complements the building’s classical palette of Westchester marble, glass, and iron. With its unique mix of materials both new and old, the exhibit successfully knits the historic building
to its contemporary surroundings. It now serves as the visitor center for all the other National Park Service sites in Lower Manhattan.

This project had an unheard of turn-around time—31 days from contract to installation. It was a tight squeeze, and we delivered, despite having to learn the art of parking in Lower Manhattan.