DreamWorks Theme Park Figures

LifeFormations has worked with DreamWorks and their popular characters to create animatronic figures in theme parks across 3 different continents.  Working directly with DreamWorks art directors, we translated and developed the characters into dimensional figures, selecting materials and movement profiles that best capture the personality of the figure within the chosen story settings.

For Pinnochio, the Big Bad Wolf and the entire cast of Puss in Boots, we used utilitized rigid surfaces and exterior finish surface treatments so the figures were able to withstand the harsh equatorial conditions of Singapore.

For the Shrek cast of figures, we used realistic soft skins and costumes to best capture the characters’ presence for an audience that was close and could view them for a long time at MotionGate Dubai.  The Madagascar cast was created with both soft and rigid materials to best accommodate the moment along a roller coaster where they would be viewed.

A furry Donkey puppet with actor interacts live with audience members at Universal Studios Orlando.