Dollywood’s River Battle

LifeFormations produced the characters, custom water effects, interactive targeting system, and turnkey show control for Dollywood’s River Battle attraction.

As River Battle begins, riders learn that beavers have built a dam, flooding the area. Guests ride along in log rafts, with each guest controlling their own soaker gun.  Along the ride, guests take aim at each other and more than 100 targets along the way, including scenic elements, fountain effects and large-scale animatronics— beavers, skunks, otters, bears, and more.

LifeFormations built the interactive experience by developing a water sensing target system that senses the water streams from the soaker guns to trigger the effects that include shooting water back at the guests, triggering fountain and geyser effects, show action and animatronic effects, and all matter of sound effects.

LifeFormations designed the animatronic characters based on character concepts provided by Dollywood, and created most of the scenic elements to match that style.

A blizzard hit the Smoky Mountains during installation, and LifeFormations successfully figured out how to test water effects so the attraction could open on time – even when the entire area was in a deep freeze.