Avampato Discovery Museum

The Avampato Discovery Center developed serveral different exhibit galleries with very different themes and content to educate visitors on topics such as healhty lifestyles and geological history.  LifeFormations worked with the exhibit designers to provide immersive theming and interactive elements.

Earth City is an exhibit gallery about the geological forces of the earth themed as an old time roadside attraction filled with artifacts and hands on activates.  LifeFormations fabricated many of the themed elements, some mechanical interactives, and cladding to wrap some structures created by others.  The result is a rich environment with a very layered feeling of a destination many years in the making.

Health Royale full tic-tac-toe gameshow featuring body parts that test participants knowledge of their own bodies and how to take care of them.  Operating completely automously, the exhibit allows one or two player/team games with full television type production with animatronic body part actors to immerse the audience in the content.