Answers in Genesis – Ark Encounter & Creation Museum

The Answer in Genesis team has developed two biblical attractions that present events and interpretations from the bible: The Creation Museum, and Ark Encounter.

The Creation Museum provides guests with theaters, collections and a walk-through experience that demonstrate key stories from the old testament. LifeFormations created a series of animatronic figures along the themed walk-through to bring the stories to life, as well as  interactive exhibits that allow guests to further explore some of the content.

Ark Encounter is a full scale Ark built to the Bible’s dimensions.  Inside, visitors learn how Noah, his family and all of the animals may have survived for a long duration within the ark.  LifeFormations created 3 sets of Nah and his family – one for each level of the ark. At each level, static and animatronic figures show a different tasks the family performed throughout a typical day aboard the ark.