Our Team

LifeFormations’ 65+ team members are the brains and talent of a multidisciplinary creative system that includes each team member’s selection and mentoring, the processes that direct the creation of each project, and the way we collaborate with other teams.

We are organized into 10 groups, each with a disciplinary focus, and each with a problem solving and quality assurance role in every other group’s efforts.


Our Leadership team is anchored by the 6 partners in our company, each with a different focus to assure direct and immediate influence in the processes and products we create. We maintain a long term strategy to grow a creatively agile and innovative team that is able to work with a wide variety of clients to partner on projects that engage visitors in an increasingly noisy world.


Our design team is tasked with setting the goals for the project, gathering input from experiences across the overall company, and developing the designs in a way that meets project intent while pushing the visitor experience into new territory wherever appropriate.


Engineering is a necessity for most of the items that we produce. By utilizing their knowledge and principles to design, build and analyze the structural, electrical and mechanical aspects of the elements we build, our Engineering team provides a systematic pathway from concept to completion.

Sculpting and 3D Printing/Milling

A marquee strength for our team, our sculpting teams work digitally, dimensionally, or often a combination of the two to create figures, artifacts, models, architectural elements, and just about anything type of sculptural element.

Digitally, we work in all major sculpting and most industrial design software packages. This allows us to start from scratch on a sculpt, or use any available digital assets to kick start the process. From sculpting, the team parses the sculpts outputs “solids” that can be 3D printed or milled to convert digital into dimensional

LifeFormations has nearly a dozen 3D printers of different sizes and configurations, as well as a 7-axis CNC robotic arm to mill large pieces of foam into shapes matching the digital files. We can print and mill a wide variety of materials in-house, and send files to out to print when a specialty material best suits the piece.

Dimensionally, we can start from scratch with clay, foam or other substrates; or we can refine items that have been fully or partially printed or milled.


The plastics team is responsible for all tooling as well as plastic and rubber parts creation. These parts span acrylics, urethanes, silicones, polyesters and a variety of polymer based parts.


Our structures team includes woodworking, metalworking, mechanical assembly plastics and other disciplines as needed to build the cabinets, armatures and construction elements of whatever we are creating. These teams work with the detailed designs coming out of the engineering department and refine each piece within the established parameters as they build each piece.


The finishing team takes the fabricated pieces by the other team and applies the final surface details. These may include surface textures, paints and stains, applied materials such as hair or feathers, a wide variety of coatings, and anything else that will make the created elements match the art or show direction.

Media & Show Tech

The media and show tech team create all of the motion media, audio tracks, lighting designs and graphic designs that appear in our shows and interactive experiences. They also load all of that media onto the show control and media playback devices so we can program and synchronize all of the show elements.


Our installation team is often an ad-hoc team of the most appropriate specialists on staff to make sure the assembly and commissioning of the project meets the design and built intent. These road warriors not only know how to assemble, seam, and test projects on site – they know the best hardware stores, custom fabricators and paint distributors in many major cities around the globe.

Project & Quality Management

The success of every project is dependent upon making sure our team and our clients are completely aligned in all expectations for the finished product… and then making sure we stay aligned as the project moves through production. Changes are inevitable as clients see a project come together, the forces of nature weigh in, and test audiences create new ways to interact with an exhibit or attraction. At the end of the day, all of these factors are managed and project focus maintained by an active project management team working directly and as transparently as our clients would like to accommodate whatever pops up along the way.

Quality is managed throughout the process in a two tier system that involved checklists at the process level for each phase of production, as well as a quality inspection by a quality officer between each phase of production at the conclusion of the factory acceptance test. For many projects, we also perform a site acceptance/functionality test once the items have been installed. These checklists and inspection reports are available for review at any point during production and installation of the project.